Conversation With a Stranger

This is an excerpt from a conversation I've been having all my life with someone I've never meet in the flesh, so to speak. It takes place while packing:

You can't bring everything on this trip.

"I know. I know. I already brought too much."

You didn't leave much room to bring anything back.

"I'll deem what is a necessity later, and throw the rest out."

Like what.

"Like if the choice comes between a couple souvenirs and a stack of Hanes Classic V-Necks which are stained yellow around the collar, there is not choice at all."

So what are you going to bring?

"I dont know"

Do it deductively.

"Well I dont need the Bible, its bulky as shit, or Blake for that matter, this Frost book I bought in the airport has been doing me just fine, little piece of home."

What about these candles?

"Leave them."

We need the train tickets. Need the batteries. Need the sunglasses. You have three pairs of pants, do you need them all?

"No. Leave the 510s, they are dirty anyway."

You have 5 button downs, pick two.

"The dark red SV she got me and the black one from HM."

Why the black one, you don't care about that one.

"Its a good idea to bring cloths you don't care about to places you've never been."

Why's that.

"Because then you'll care about them."

Good point. All these underwear and socks?

"All of them!"