Black and White Holes: Proving the Big Bang, the Multiverse, and the Possibility of Me Being Venom

So here is the theory. A black hole is transversive, leading to a white hole. Basically, a black hole sucks in matter, a white hole spits out matter. I didnt create the theory.

But here is my expands upon it. A black hole takes matter and breaks it apart, basically tears down matter to its most basic molecule. There is no patterns in the molecules. These single molecules are then spit out of the white hole, and thus start to conjoin again, in a different pattern then before. Upon the opening of the white hole, the physical laws are defined, which vary diversely from each separate big bang. I do now know enough about physics to expand upon this, but when the white hole opens, the level of gravity is defined, the law of relativity, blah blah blah. Do you follow?

This theory proves four things. One, The Big Bang. That the big bang, the creation of our universe out of nothing, was really the opening of a white hole. Two, the theory of a multiverse, because our universe came from another. Three, why the dark matter (the unknown matter between galaxies) in our universe is growing. And four, that not only am I good looking, I am smart as hell.

In theory, my theory, theoretically, I could be Venom.

Thus I pose/post this chart:

Clearly you can see the smooth transition from me to Venom. Figure 3, with is a representation of me wearing what appears to be white hi-tops. Though it looks as though I was drawn by a five year old with Asperger's syndrome. Which is important because Aspergers sounds like ass burgers, and the theory of an ass burger is hysterical. I mean who's ass are we talking about? I implicitly think a human ass would make up the burger. But it isn't directly implied. Otters have asses. Couldnt it be a otter ass burger? With would probably be delicious, funny, and cute. So it hits all the bases.

Black hole (figure 1) leads into the white hole (figure 2). Going through the black hole, I would desolve into the most basic of molecular from, random particles with no rhyme or reason, that come out of the white hole, into a new universe. My molecules could then re-form, or, patternize (call webster) into the alien symbiote of Venom, represented by figure 5 which is a picture I drew in Microsoft Paint. Note the signature below Venom that is not mine, which would lead one to believe that I, in fact, didnt draw this picture in Microsoft Paint but rather google imaged the word 'Venom' and found someone else's drawing. Which is preposterous. The signature is artistic expression, in Microsoft Paint.

Figure 3 is a black and white cookie.

I concede to the idea that my consciousness might not traverse this transition from measly Brent to mighty Venom. But this is a risk I am willing to take. It seems mad that my mind, which is not defined by one cell, one electron, but really by the a electronic energy that comes from the interaction of the molecular structure of my being, thus, my consciousness is completely unique to me, so the re-formation of my molecules into Venom would create a new mind. So the me that is writing this would not really be able to enjoy the fruits of being Venom.

Figure 6 is the same black and white cookie, but upside-down and the colors are inversed. It was used to fill space in the graph. I suppose two black and white cookie might be a little too much. After one black and white cookie, I feel the need to take a nap from stomach ache but cant because of the sugar.

Thank you for your time. And good luck picking up the pieces of your mind after I just blew it apart.